Click here to view the 2017 Business & Jobs Report Card.

During a press conference today at the Mississippi Capitol, BIPEC (Business and Industry Political Education Committee) released its Legislator “Business & Jobs” Report Card for the 2017 legislative session.  The event, led by BIPEC Chairman Clay Wagner, recognized twenty-seven (27) senators and forty-one (41) representatives as “Business & Jobs Champions” for their work supporting economic growth, job development, and business-related issues for the legislative session this year.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and Speaker of the House Philip Gunn joined the large contingent of BIPEC supporters at the Capitol, with both acknowledging the BIPEC Report Card as a tool for accountability, and as an incentive and stimulus for jobs and economic development legislative action.

“BIPEC recognizes and appreciates the efforts of these Business & Jobs Champion Legislators, “Clay Wagner said, “For me and all of the members and supporters of BIPEC, the Legislator Report Card has long been a resource that we keep on our desk as a valued tool for the business community to see the measured performance of our legislators and their support for the growth of jobs and economic development in Mississippi.”

BIPEC is a 501c6 membership organization founded in 1980 by Mississippi’s business and professional leaders.  BIPEC is a nonprofit association comprised of individuals, trade associations and companies who unite to protect and advance free enterprise through research, education, and member action.  BIPEC’s purpose is to learn backgrounds, voting records and key positions of members and candidates for the Mississippi Legislature, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.  BIPEC disseminates credible research findings to BIPEC members, educates BIPEC’s membership network on the impact that legislator and judge-made decisions have on Mississippi’s economic growth, business attractiveness and general prosperity of the State’s employers.  BIPEC publishes the Legislator Report Card annually.

At you can view the interactive version of the report card. Click the heading links to switch between Representatives and Senators. The report card is sortable by grade, legislator name, party, and district. You can hover over the bill names to see a description of each bill. When you click on a legislator’s name, you will see a list of bills with links to the bill and to the individual votes recorded at the Mississippi Legislative Website. You can also search for legislators at the top of the page using any part of their name.

Click here to view the 2017 Business & Jobs Report Card.