Robin Robinson

“Best for Business & Jobs”

Friends of Robin Robinson
1179 Township Road
Laurel, MS 39443

The Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC) has named Robin Robinson as “Best for Business & Jobs” in an upcoming special election for the Mississippi House of Representatives. The special election in House District 88 (Jones County) is on June 23.

Robin is a retired executive at Sanderson Farms where served as a Cost Accountant, Chief Accountant, Chief Internal Auditor, Manager of Human Resources, Manager of Organization Development, and a member of the company’s Executive Committee. She also served as Chair of the Mississippi Economic Council.

Robinson stated, “I am truly honored to be recognized as the “Best for Business & Jobs” candidate in this election. I want to be a champion for policies that promote economic development and jobs for the residents of House District 88 so that Jones County and Mississippi continue to be an amazing place to work and live.”

BIPEC reviews backgrounds of candidates running for the Legislature. BIPEC disseminates research findings to members and educates its members on the impact elected officials could have on economic growth and MS employers. It is an independent, autonomous organization and is not affiliated with any political party or candidate. BIPEC actions are limited to advocacy, candidate research, and candidate recommendations. BIPEC evaluates many factors while considering recommendations, including potential election unity within the business/employer community.

Derek Easley
President & CEO, BIPEC