Legislative Watchlist

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HB 337
The Landowners Protection Act
House Committee: Judiciary A
Principal Author: White
Additional Authors: Turner, Arnold, Carpenter, Corley, Guice, Rushing, Bain, Hopkins, Shirley, Shanks, Bell (21st), Barnett
Status: Died on Calendar

SB 2901
The Landowners Protection Act
Senate Committee: Business and Financial Institutions
Principal Author: Harkins
Additional Authors: Blackwell, Gollott, Caughman, Michel, Clarke, Jackson (15th), Branning, Parks, Kirby, Carmichael, Seymour, Carter, Doty, Parker, Watson, Whaley, Wilemon, Moran, Hill, Browning, Massey, Hudson
Status: Transmitted to House

This is a list of bills that BIPEC and its members are monitoring. BIPEC does not take a position on legislation during session, but these bills may be considered for inclusion on the BIPEC Report Card published at the conclusion of the session.